Growing up in Lancashire, England, cake designer Annalise Benskin can't remember a time when she wasn't baking, following a family tradition that stretches back more than 200 years. Whenever she wasn’t in the kitchen, Annalise was creating in other ways, making award winning art pieces.

Now living on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, Annalise's passion for baking continues to flourish. A scientist by profession, Annalise has the soul of an artist and now she combines both the art and science of baking to bring you 'Annalise Cake Designer' – each cake lovingly hand crafted using the finest ingredients and mouth-watering fillings and flavours.

Annalise's cakes are works of edible art – she never creates a cake she wouldn't want a second slice of. You can guarantee that your guests will be awed by her exquisite and contemporary cake designs. Order wedding, birthday and celebration cakes from Annalise to make your special occasion perfect.

Annalise now proudly features her work in one of the UK's leading wedding cake magazines - 'Wedding Cakes - A Design Source.'